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What is MULTI-MIX?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

MULTI-MIX is the latest paint brand to hit the UK market.

The range features paints such as primers, basecoats and clearcoats along with some ancillary products.

This range has been developed as a slimline easy to use range which you can trust first time.

MULTI-MIX is made at our head office in Nottingham. 95% of our paints are made in house to ensure that the quality control is the highest possible. Some of our paints are manufactured off site but to our specification.

All of our paints have been tested rigorously by Jordan to ensure that he is confident that you the painter will enjoy using these products first time. We understand that these paints won't be for everyone but making sure that they are the best they can be is our highest priority.

Where did the name MULTI-MIX come from?

MULTI-MIX has got it's name from being developed as a multi use products. These products are designed to be easy to use and can be used with different binders or paints.

Our paint additives such as MULTI-FLEX and MULTI-SPEED are multi use and can be used with various paints.

Can i trust that these paints will hold up over time and not fade or cause issues in 6 months?

We have chosen some of the best raw materials available on the market to ensure that our paints are high quality. One of the main companies we use is BASF also known for quality.

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