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Featuring the latest technology possible, MULTI-MIX have created a unique clearcoat formulation which boasts enhanced gloss, super easy application and quick drying times. This really is a clearcoat specifically designed for the most premium jobs where quality is considered first over cost.


This clearcoat only uses one hardener which requires a 15 minute bake time at 60degrees. This makes removes the need of 4 to 5 different hardeners to adjust the speed. From a full respray to a bumper corner this single hardener provides a good open window to absorb overspray and only cures when heat is applied.



We've developed this clear with effeciency and cost saving in mind

Reduce your bake times and save on energy costs! Spray oven doesnt get to 60 degrees? No problem, this clear will still cure fast at 45 degrees in just 30 Minutes.


Single visit application requires the painter to apply one super fine closed mist coat followed by just one coat. This achieves the required film thickness on the panel to be easily sanded and polished with no breakthroughs. This type of application can reduce clearcoat useage by up to 20%!


This clearcoat is very easy to polish as long as it is polished within the 4 day working time. After this time, the clearcoat does become a lot harder and scratch resistant meaning polishing is harder.


Reccomended additives

MULTI-FLEX flexible additive for increasing stone chip resistance

MULTI-SPEED for cure time reduction

MULTI-FLOW for reducing silicone contamination



MULTI-CURE 4 = MMH4/2.5 



MMC4 UHS Acrylic Clearcoat

Excluding VAT
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