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About Repair and Refinish


Repair and Refinish was founded in 2015 back when Jordan decided that making his own videos would be beneficial to the students he used to teach. Fast forward 5 years, Jordan is now very well known in the industry due to his social media pages being so popular.  Jordan has worked with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry to help promote them on social media. During the past few years Jordan has carefully taken a look at the products in our industry and looked at what is both good and bad and finally in 2020 decided to produce his own paint brand. This in turn, has turned Repair and Refinish into a Limited company now Repair and Refinish Coatings Ltd.

MULTI-MIX is a trademarked brand name that Jordan came up with as the main base of the products has been universally formulated to work with each other (multi-use). Repair and Refinish Coatings Ltd works with a small team of technical experts and chemists to ensure that all the paints are produced to a good standard. Try the MULTI-MIX brand today and drop us a message to let us know what you think.

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