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Fuji Spray Guns with MULTI-MIX HS clearcoat

FUJI Spray guns are the talk of 2023 where spray guns are concerned. Never heard of Fuji? They have been around for a long time but never got any traction over here in the UK until one of our biggest customers SP Supplies (part of Fleet Factors) became the sole importer for the brand.

We want everyone to get the best out of MULTI-MIX and maximise the potential of the product. So we're taking a look at all the spray guns used in our industry to see how to get the best results.

Atomisation - How fine the spray droplets are

The first thing to note is the FUJI spray guns produce a super fine 'foggy' spray. This instantly tells me that this spray gun will easily be able to give a nice finish when using with the MULTI-CLEAR 2 because the HS clearcoat does require a fine atomisation to work well.

Spray gun Setup

The preferred setup with Fuji is 1.2 this gives a more controlled and fine finish while keeping the film thickness of the clearcoat within the correct parameters. 1.3 is also a good setup however this is slightly heavier and produces a more orange peel effect and increases the film thickness slightly. Overall both setups are great and produce a good finish. Personally a 1.2 is my favourite however setups are pretty cheap for the Fuji sprayguns so it's probably worth just buying two setups that way you have a spare setup.


Spraygun pressure is super important. Too low pressure applies more product, produces less atomisation and gives a more peely finish. Too high and more goes in the hair than on the panel, the finish becomes more smooth and the film thickness can be reduced compared to low pressure.

I reccomend 2.0 bar pressure minimum to produce the Atomisation needed to get the best finish. However, feel free to experiment yourself with different pressures.

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