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This is our epoxy primer which is part of our MULTI-PRIME range. This Epoxy primer is mixed 4:1 with our MULTI-CURE Epoxy Hardener. It doesn't usually need thinning but our MULTI-THINNER P4 Thinner can be used to reduce the viscosity.


This 4:1 Epoxy features good drying times and can be baked for 40/50 minutes at 60 degrees followed by a 1 hour cool down time. It is easy to sand when cured and features good anti-corrosive properties. It can be applied on to bare metals to include steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Also good adhesion to GRP. This Epoxy primer features great weather resistance and it is reccomended to overcoat the epoxy within 72 hours however, if the substrate is to be left over this time, lightly sand the surface and bake to remove any traces of moisture in the top layer of the epoxy.


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