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MULTI-PRIME Multi-surface adhesion promoter features a special blend of resins to promote adhesion to multiple surfaces to include plastics (PVC, GRP, PP-EPDM, PUR and ABS) and includes metals such as (Aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel) other surfaces should be tested before using. Simply apply the adhesion promoter followed by a topcoat and carry out an adhesion test.


The substrate should be prepared in a usual manner making sure that repairs are smooth. All plastics should be sanded before adhesion promoter is applied! Sanding the plastic removes the oxidized layer and allows for better adhesion. Plastics should be baked for 30minutes at 60 degrees before applying adhesion promoter. When working on metals, ensure that the metal is not touched when sanded. Adhesion promoter should be applied within 4 hours of metal being exposed. 


Available sizes: 1L

Available in clear or silver

 Part Numbers:

Clear - MMP2

Silver - MMP3

MULTI-PRIME RFU Adhesion Promoter Clear or Silver

Excluding VAT
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