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MULTI-PRIME 2K High Build Primer is a 4:1 High Solids Primer providing good smooth application along with easy sanding. This primer features good build qualities and quick dry times.Use with MMH1 Standard or Fast hardener that is used with the Multi-Clear 1.


This Primer features high quality resins along with anticorrosive additives making this primer a good quality all round primer. This primer can be used as a Wet on Wet primer by following the TDS mixing instructions.


All primers are inter-mixable to create value shades


Colour: RAL 7040 Grey, Black, White


4:1 10/20% thinner to adjust viscosity 

2-3 Coats

Dry in 20 mins with fast hardener (only use MMH1 fast hardener)

Dry sand with P320-P400

Spray gun: 1.8mm


Pack Sizes:

5L kit grey MMP1/5G

5L kit Black MMP1/5B

5L kit White MMP1/5W

Small kits

1.25L Kit Grey MMP1/1.25G

1.25L kit Black MMP1/1.25B

1.25L kit White MMP1/1.25W


VOC Compliant: 2004/42/WE/IIB(c)(540) < 540


Excluding VAT
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