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Brand new release this June!

Ready mixed solvent basecoat colours. Our Solvent based colours are mixed 1:1 with MULTI-THINNER.

Our colours are measured for opacity/coverage meaning that coverage will be the best possible that we can get for it's price range.

Most ready mixed colours have low pigment loading meaning coverage is poor and more coats are needed for full coverage.

All our product range is built on quality so although we may be more expensive on some products than others this is because we make sure quality is of the highest possible to make sure you can get your job completed quickly and efficiently with no issues.

Please note!

All ready mixed colours are mixed to one standard shade! This means that although we try and make sure our shade is as best as possible it may not be 100% match!

We reccomend for the cost saving on a 5L ready mixed colour blending of adjacent panels are carried out.

Ford Moondust Silver basecoat

Excluding VAT
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