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Small kit includes:

1.5L kit of MULTI-CRYL direct gloss colour


1.5L MULTI-CLEAR 2 HS Clearcoat


Large kit includes

7.5L kit MULTI-CRYL Direct Gloss Colour


7.5L MULTI-CLEAR 2 HS Clearcoat


HYPER-SILVER is a chrome effect paint which when applied correctly can achieve outstanding reflective finishes.


Developed exclusively for Marlow Paint Supplies we have made this product for use in areas such as alloy wheels (both wet paint and powder coating) and for shop fit outs/displays where clearcoat is not needed and maximum chrome effect is achieved.


HYPER-SILVER is applied in a few different ways.


1. Shadow chrome

Shadow chrome is an effect whereby a black basecoat is applied and then followed by a few mist coats of HYPER-SILVER and then clearcoat. This gives a slight reflection to the silver but shows the black underneath. This is an effect on some OEM vehicles today.


2. Application for indoor use

Apply a black gloss first and cure using a spray booth. When the gloss has been baked leave to air out for around 5 hours. Do not touch the black in this time. Finger prints or wipe marks will show in the final finish!


3. Powder coatings

The HYPER-SILVER can be applied over a gloss black powdercoat and then powder cleared over the top. Clearcoating with powder clear gives better results than solvent clearcoat.



Things to note*


The black gloss can be polished if there are imperfections but make sure it is polished to a good standard as the chrome will sit on any marks and show them up.


The chrome can be applied at two points the safe point and the maximum effect point. Our safe point is a short window (a few hours after applying the black) this means the black gloss is still "open" which means when the silver is applied it will slightly bond to the black giving good adhesion but this sacrifices the reflectance of the silver when a clear is applied over the top. The maximum effect point is leaving 12 to 24 hours before applying the silver and before clear. This airs out the layers in-between to stop solvent attack and not reccomend for outdoor use.


Most waterbased binders from a scheme can be mist coated over the silver to further protect from "dulling off".


We reccomend a trial piece is done first or follow the video strictly to get the same results we do.













HYPER SILVER Virtual Chrome Effect Kit

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