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MULTI-MIX Matt clearcoat is a uniquely formulated clearcoat to produce matt and satin finishes.

We have noticed that many Matt clearcoats are just not matt enough. This is because 2K isocyanate cured clears are very hard to matt down. To matt down such products very expensive matting silicas along with the correct additives are needed.

The MULTI-MIX Matt is formulated to give you not only a dull matt finish but also a crystal clear finish. This means in short, you won't get a white chaulky finish that some "industrial" matting silicas give.

Please follow the TDS correctly to ensure you get good results. Always do a spray out card first as a record for what matt finish you will get.

To achieve a dull full matt finish use MMH1 hardener. For a matt finish with a slight sheen to it MMH2 can be used. Both mixed at a ratio of 2:1

For users who use our HS clearcoat, a mix ratio of 3:1 will give a less sheen finish than with 2:1. Trial is advised first.

For users that already use our MMC1 clearcoat you can use the same hardener and intermix them both together to get different gloss levels.


Matt finishes are/can be hard to maintain. 

Do not polish, apply TFR, wax, use wash&wax soap.

Remove bird droppings as soon as possible and any other contamination that could harm the finish

MULTI-CLEAR Matt Clearcoat 1L

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