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MULTI-MIX FIBREGLASS Laminating repair kit is available in a Small and Large kit.

We taken a look at the fibreglass kit market and realised that the kits available just wasn't good enough. We know that a syringe is essential to mixing the resin correctly so we included one. Also, the fibreglass to resin wasnt correct. We made sure that a 1m2 sheet of matting comes with 1L of resin because having a smaller pack of matting will mean you have left over resin that can't be used.


The resin is Lloyds approved making it perfect for use on boats. This kit is also great for mould making and general fibreglass work


Small kit contains:

Fibreglass matting 0.5m2

Resin with catalyst 0.5L


Syringe for accurate mixing

X2 Mixing cups 


Large kit contains:

Fibreglass matting 1m2

Resin with catalyst 1L


Syringe for accurate mixing

X2 Mixing cups 


Part numbers:

small kit = MMG/05K

LAre kit = MMG/1K


Excluding VAT
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