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It's time to step up your colour card game!

During the manufacture of paints and coatings colour cards such as these are used in the lab to check various parameters. We've now made these same style lab grade cards available to the bodyshops to help with colour matching and examination!


These paint examination cards are pre clearcoated on one side. Most cards on the market are not coated. This causes a few problems.

1. The card sucks the basecoat or topcoat in giving an uneaven and untrue appearance, 

2. After a few days the card shrinks up and curls from the sides. This is then hard to evaluate paint.

3. The black ink used on the cards can raise up when painted and appear in the painted surface.



Reccomended uses for the cards:


RRC01 - Lab grade card for checking opacity and undercoat - general use

RRC02 - Opacity card designed for 3 stage pearls where maximum coverage is needed to obtain a good colour match. Also a general use card

RRC03 - Step down card. This allows the painter to see which undercoat gives the best final appearance. Simply tint your grey primer to match the card using black and white primer and keep the formula for use if the colour matches that part of the card. If the colour is then too dark over black but too light over the grey a tinted primer can be mixed in-between the grey and black for example.


Size: 148 x 105mm


Paint Examination cards X100

Excluding VAT
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