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How Spray guns are made

The journey from raw material to the finished product. Jordan, owner of Repair and Refinish had an exclusive opportunity to visit the SATA manufacturing facility in Germany. From the trip we have gained a massive wealth of knowledge and want to share it with you!

We have very limited pictures as photography was limited after a certain point and we can only publish certain information that we have so we'll try and explain as much as possible.

Stage 1 - the raw material

First, before the spray guns are made. An aluminium cylinder is cut to size ready for bending. This is known as the 'cut-off'.

Stage 2 - The preformed raw part

Now that the cut-off has been cut to size it undergoes the bending process. The bending process is an important step as it needs to be at a certain angle for it to be drop forged properly.

Stage 3 - Drop forging

At this stage the aluminium bar is drop forged. Drop forging is the process whereby the aluminium bar is heated up to a certain temperature and then hammered or forged into a precision cut die. This is done at huge amounts of pressure to make sure that the aluminium bar is forged into the correct shape that is required.

Stage 4 - Deburring

At this point the spray gun has been drop forged and needs all the unwanted material cutting off. This is then placed into a machine to precision cut around the spray gun to ensure a smooth surface all around the spray gun. This is known as the deburring process.

Stage 5 - The drilling process

At this stage specially programmed machines drill each hole to pin point accuracy ensuring that every hole in every spray gun is to the exact specification of the spray gun. Nothing goes unnoticed and defective parts should they occur will be removed immediately.

Stage 6 - Chrome plating

Finally, the spray gun is finished off with a chrome plated finish (for the SATAjet 4000) This plating is applied in strict conditions whereby all spray guns will have to pass a close examination to ensure maximum quality.

Finally, if you are still interested in how the gun body is made, check out the video below!

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Sep 12, 2020

Very interesting blog Jordan, I find the technical side of how spray guns are made fascinating but I do wish I knew more about the process.

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