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SAINT-GOBAIN have acquired Farecla Products Limited - What you need to know.

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

So you may have heard that Farecla has been bought out by SAINT-Gobain but there is a story behind this and there are many points to look at and how this can benefit Farecla in the Future.

Let's take a look at SAINT-Gobain and who they are. You may have seen this name due to the Well known brand NORTON. NORTON is a brand of Saint-Gobain. Saint Gobain is a multi-Billion pound company and owns many companies that cover many industries from the Building and Construction Industry to Innovative materials. To give you an idea of how big Saint-Gobain is, they Bought one of the worlds largest plasterboard companies back in 2005 for $6.7 Billion Dollars.

Personally, I think that this acquisition has actually boosted Fareclas profile and now enables them to grow into areas they still haven't got to yet. Who knows what Saint-Gobain can do with Farecla, could we see new innovative products coming?

One thing I am made aware of is that it is business as usual at Farecla HQ and there will be no changes to the brand or manufacturing location. Rest assured Farecla will not be going anywhere. I was lucky enough to meet Benita the 2nd generation family owner of the company which was established by her father, as well as the current and ongoing, MD Michael Haddon and the full management team.. who will continue manufacturing with the full team of existing employees at Ware, England.

We'll keep you updated with any more news on the Farecla acquisition.

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