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Types of spray guns

There are 4 main types of spray guns available





So, why do we have these different spray guns?

Different industries require these different spray guns. This is due to the different finishes and applications.

Gravity Feed

* Mostly seen in the automotive sector

* Usually lightweight

* Paint cup is above the spray gun

* Most efficient spray guns on the market (lowest air consumption)

* Generally holds around 500 - 650ml of paint

Suction Feed

* Mostly used in the commercial / industrial sector

* Heavier than the other types of spray guns

* Paint cup is below the spray gun

* Generally holds 650ml - 1 Litre

* Less efficient than gravity

Pressure Feed

* Only good for paint volumes of 2.5 litre or more

* Takes a lot of time to clean down

* Can have paint tanks that hold paint up to 20 - 30 litres if needed

* Commonly used to paint large vehicles such as plains and trains


* Used in the vehicle manufacturing process

* Operated via robots or computers

* Minimal cleaning depending on setup

* Needs professionally installing and setting up and/or programing

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