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Why do we need a spray booth?

One of your first questions might be "why do i need a spray booth?" or "Can't i spray a job in my garage?". Well, here's a few things you need to know about spray booths.

Image from Junair-Spraybooths

What a spray booth does

* Allows the painter to paint jobs without getting dust or dirt in the jobs

* Generally a white room as this helps with colour matching

* Generally fitted with LED daylight bulbs

* Extracts harmful isocyanates during spraying

Why a spray booth is needed

* legal requirements require a bodyshop to have a properly extracted spray booth or room.

* Heats up to high temperatures to help cure the paint properly

* Stops harmful spray entering the environment

How a spray booth works

* Controlled airflow in and out

* Controlled cabin pressure

* Temperature controlled room (gas, Electric or oil powered)

A spray booth plays an important role in the refinishing process, yes you can spray without one but the added benefits of a spray booth make it all the more worthwhile having. Being able to paint jobs quicker and cleaner is the best part while on the other hand remaining compliant and meeting the health and safety requirements.

There are also different types of extraction available with spray booths:

Floor extracted

Rear extracted

Side extracted

The best option is the floor extracted booths. This is due to the airflow that they offer which we will talk about in the level 2 version.

Spray booth walls are often coated, this could be coated using a few different methods:

Tacky coating - a sprayable sticky coating that helps keep dust and dirt down

3M Dirt trap - a fabric style film that is stuck onto the walls that does a similar job to the tacky coating but doesn't need to be sprayed on and doesn't need to be washed off using a jet wash or sponge.

Peelable booth coat - this is a spray on and peel off coating. quick and simple however offers no benefits to dust or dirt control as it dries hard.

Activity: find a picture of each type of extracted booth mentioned above and create a word document with these pictures on and label. Also label the air in and air out.

Further reading: (spray booth manufacturer) (spray booth manufacturer) (spray booth manufacturer) (Legal Requirements for spraying)

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